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Homemade Pet Diets

We are glad that you are considering a homemade diet for the special cat or dog in your family. Our aim is to help you to create customized, nutritionally sound homemade diets for your healthy cat or dog. 

The advantages of feeding the pets in your family a healthy, wholesome diet prepared right in your own kitchen for a fraction of the cost of high end commercial pet food.

If you’re going the homemade route, you must do it right. And by right, I mean balanced. A growing problem in my practice is pets with compromised health as the result of being fed an unbalanced homemade diet.

Even with the best intentions, if you switch your dog or cat to an unbalanced homemade diet, you can do a great deal of damage to their health – which is exactly what you are trying to avoid by serving homemade in the first place.

Benefits of Homemade Pet Food

We’ve already covered some of the advantages of preparing homemade meals for your dog or cat, including:

  • You have complete control over the ingredient list and the ability to eliminate all additives and preservatives
  • You can pick just the right veggies for your pet’s particular needs, including those with higher antioxidant or medicinal properties, for example
  • You can decide which meat sources to feed your pet, which is especially important if you have a cat or dog with an allergy to certain types of protein
  • You can save money by buying large quantities of meats and vegetables when they are on sale. You can prepare, package and freeze your homemade pet meals weeks or even months ahead of time

Homemade Pet Diet

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